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Sometimes we face complex choices or interesting opportunities.

Whether these arise in your personal life or work environment doesn’t matter – there’s a decision to make.

How will you deal with these choices? What will be your next step? 

Well - you’re already thinking about the options! Great start.


Ready for some clarity in your life, career or team?

Want to enrich your personal leadership?

Kick-start your new business authentically or take the next step in your career


You seem ready to grow.

I’m excited to introduce you to Growlab: coaching for creatives.




Growlab equals a mix of potential based coaching and creative decisiveness. It’s personal, career and business coaching, tailored to the challenges creatives and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. A unique environment in which 30 years of experience in design, consultancy, entrepreneurship and education are connected with the passion to create the trans-formative space for people and companies to prosper in.

Growing at Growlab means connecting with your powerful core as a human being – and as a company. Coach Hilde den Bieman calmly guides you on a journey of exploration, discovery and co-creation, within a non-judgmental setting. Much like in the creative process, you give space to the things that want to unfold, rather than focusing on the known. An experiential approach, in which intuition, creativity and following your gut are key. 


With new insights about yourself, your values, your company or your relationships with others, you will discover which choices will feel natural and lead to sustainable progress.

Young designer, creative start-up, graduate or experienced professional? 

Make room for growth!


Discover more about Growlab’s unique approach and get in touch for a free Discovery Session!

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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growth options

personal development and career coaching

personal growth

life & career coaching 


How do you look at the world? What story do you tell? Your personal presence is important. Together, we will make room for who you really are and what wants to unfold.


During these sessions, we will work on your personal leadership, your relationships with others, your career or your work-life balance. 

Or a specific issue that keeps you awake at night. Your question is always key

You'll learn to shift to a different perspective in looking at your subject and to work with the opportunities arising and challenges that come with that.

What is it that’s knocking on your door? 


Will you allow yourself growth?


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business and leadership coaching

business growth

business & leadership coaching


Is your company connected to your authentic DNA? Would you love to discuss your business or realize a longstanding dream? Get the support to start your entrepreneurship or work on the steps to elevate your current business? We will be working on your topics within one of the business coaching focus domains. Design, Grow and Empower your business.


Come discover, experiment and co-create with me in a tailor-made program. Get new insights from a new perspective and move to the next step.


Do you want to empower your business?


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food for growth works and training

food for growth

workshops & training


Would you like to get cracking on some inspiring workshops or experience-based training? Meet a mix of coaching, design and business expertise. Together with a group, you will discover more about who you are and how you’re running your business that way.

You will develop new skills and helpful knowledge, always supporting each other’s personal and entrepreneurial growth.


Discover the workshops scheduled for 2020:

- Your Life in flow

- What's next?
- Develop your skills


Don’t worry, we’ll surprise you!


expected: Autumn 2023


for whom

With 30 years of experience in design consultancy and entrepreneurship, Growlab focuses on the personal, career and business development of creatives. Main target group are designers, creative entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers and creative teams


Whether you are a starting entrepreneur, young professional, student or experienced senior designer, it doesn't matter.  My clients are international and consist of young entrepreneurs, creative talents, experienced designers and driven female entrepreneurs. Creative teams and non-profit organizations also fit in perfectly with Growlab's offer.


Curious about the possibilities for a coaching program tailored to your wishes? Looking for answers to questions floating around in your brain?

Do you want the skills to grow into a more authentic business? Growlab speaks your language.


I would be more than happy to help you on your active voyage of discovery. 


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"Would you like to find out what Growlab can do for you?

Then book a free Discovery Session with me.

- via Skype or live with a cup of coffee ( or tea).

I'd love to meet you for a chat in Eindhoven or Amsterdam." 


Hilde den Bieman

what others say



"Hilde is great at working with creative people. Through the way of working and questions, you will gain insights yourself, without the story having to be told. You are supported in this by a wise woman.


In the end, I got a clear picture of what my role is, where I want to go, what my wishes are and what I am good at. This has helped me to stand more for what I do and to get a clearer picture about the road I am on.” 



creative entrepeneur  




"To my surprise, Hilde not only helped me with the part about what I'm going to do with my work, but also looked at me as a person.


Because of her warm personality and her knowledge about creative and personal development, Hilde has helped me to re-connect me to myself, at a moment when I had lost ‘it’ for a while."




designer researcher, photographer