find your flow and grow with personal coaching from growlab

find your flow and grow


Want to experience true clarity and maybe even make tough decisions?

Discover who you really are – as a human being and as a designer?

Work on personal leadership, work-life balance or creative flow?


personal leadership for creatives

Growlab specializes in coaching personal leadership for creatives.  In the personal leadership sessions, we work on connecting your unique potential, passion and values to your dreams and day-to-day life. Furthermore, we will also look for your creative DNA.

Your unique question is always the starting point for our sessions.


After the sessions you will know what you stand for, and what your added value, opportunities and challenges are. You will know who you are! 

A powerful foundation is created to further develop yourself creatively and professionally. 


Inspired by Alan Seale's Transformational Presence philosophy, we always work based on what presents itself and give space to what wants to arise. Central to this is your personal presence. What story do you tell? How do you deliver this into the world? What choices do you make? What is waiting to unfold? From an open, calm and new perspective, you will arrive at clear insights, helping you to take long-lasting steps.

Most importantly, there will be flow again, on a personal and creative level.


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questions & themes

At Growlab, you’ll be working on a diversity of subjects and themes that concern you creatively and as a human being.

To get you started, we've collected some sample questions from others.

  • What could the next step in my career be?
  • What am I really good at? How can I use this talent?
  • How do I overcome a creative block?
  • How do I improve my work-life balance, especially now that I have children?
  • How do I get more focus?
  • I am facing an important decision. How do I deal with that and make the right choice?
  • Things are not going so well in my private life. Can we talk about that?
  • How can I organize my work and my life better?

 Every question is unique and requires its own approach. Together we look at what works best for you.

potential and experienced based coaching by hilde den bieman



From a calm and collected point of view and with attention and care, Hilde will help you find the answers to your question. This is a process in which you will receive new insights about yourself, your core values, your company, your relationships with others and your environment – from a different perspective.

You will learn to work from choice and the opportunities that present themselves. How can you use these to take the next step and grow? You will be guided on a journey of research, discovery and co-creation.


Your questions, dreams, wishes and challenges are the starting point for each session.


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1-1 sessions

empower yourself and connect to your true self ions

connect & grow

In these 1:1 sessions, you can work on your personal leadership, your relationships with others, your career and your work-life balance - or any other subject you bring in.

We will focus on making the choices that really suit you.  You will do research, reconnect with your motives and values and learn to deal with challenges intuitively.


This way, you will be able to steer your life in the most authentic direction clearly. Your creativity will be given room, so that a successful flow follows automatically!


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coach membership

keep growing and get grow support with a coach membership

grow support

On a monthly basis, we will chat and discuss your questions together. We’ll take what you’re facing as a starting point and work on what wants to unfold from there, naturally.

The sessions offer a helping hand to you as a person and an entrepreneur - for a fixed amount per 3 months. In addition, there is online support, providing a great option when you want to communicate quickly. Questions range from quite practical to more personal.


Extra sessions are always possible, at a reduced rate. 


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group sessions

share and learn grow together with others

growing together

Have you just graduated, and would you like to develop yourself professionally? In these sessions you and others will look for the next step in your careers as designers, exchange information and learn from each other. This way, you can all grow into creative professionals from a common experience, even with a smaller budget.



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what's in it for you

  • Personal growth & well-being
  • Clarity and new insights
  • Connection with your talents & passion
  • Creative flow
  • A healthy work-life balance
  • Powerful personal leadership skills
  • Optimizing your talent and skills
  • Focus and overview
  • Authentic steps that fit your situation
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Self-confidence
  • A calm, balanced mind 



Growlab coaching is powerful, down-to-earth and focused on lasting growth. Initially, 3-5 sessions are sufficient to initiate a transformation and help you to take the next steps on your path.

The free Discovery Session gives you a good idea of the possibilities. If you choose Growlab, you'll receive a customized quote. We believe that coaching should be available to everyone, even if you are a student or have a low income. In that case, you can opt for coaching with a small group. In this way, you not only share the costs together, but learn from the specific group energy.


As a self-employed person, freelancer or entrepreneur, the costs of the coaching sessions are of course deductible as training costs for your company.





Discover your potential for growth in a Discovery session

 via Skype or on location

 in Amsterdam or Eindhoven



what others say


"Hilde is a great coach!
She puts you at ease and through her questions and exercises, she gives you the right insights and tools.

Because of her I got my ideas in order and found my energy back.


Very pleasant coaching experience!"




 young event professional