explore, experience and discover

How would it be to look at your life, work or relationships from a different perspective?
To explore and experiment with the things that present themselves, just like in a design process?


 Read on to discover what you can expect from the coaching sessions
and what the starting points are.

way of working

The essential base for the coaching sessions at Growlab is Alan Seale’s Transformational Presence philosophy. With this approach, you focus on exploring, staying curious, discovering and creating together. A nice side effect? Surprising insights and impactful transformations.


The philosophy behind Transformational Presence is an invitation for you as a person, designer and entrepreneur. To let go of everything for a while and see what’s showing itself in relation to your issue. What 'wants' to happen? What is it asking you to do or to be? What’s the opportunity here?


We will take a fresh look at your relationship with the uncomfortable or difficult position. During this intuitive process you will get new insights from a different perspective. Things that don't work for you anymore, can be left behind. This creates room for a new path and a lasting process of change. Take small steps, says the Transformational Presence. From there, new insights will emerge and invite you to make the next suitable step again.


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“Transformational Presence helped me to meet my essence,

to partner with, instead of push against,

to trust my intuition and 

to step into my full potential from there.”

  Hilde den Bieman, 2019 

what does the coaching process look like?

Discovery Session

Your question and goal determine the starting point, the duration and form of the coaching programme. We will be discussing these during this exploratory intake session. Together we look at the core of your question, where you are now, where you want to go and what you need to get there.  We will evaluate the process regularly during the course of the programme.


explore & experience

We will go into the process using an active, curious attitude and experiential tools. By constantly looking at things from a different perspective, you will gain new insights that will help you further in your development. Perhaps the most powerful tool? Your own intuition.

Structuring the process like this, we leave room for what wants to unfold and be created. It allows you to take new steps again. A down-to-earth approach, in which you’ll connect intuition and reason and will learn to use this voice in practice. 


de sessies

Growlab’s approach is not a linear process - every coaching session is different. As a starting point, we create space for genuine attention, without any judgment or prejudice. Sometimes, you might want to focus on the pragmatic, and we’ll work together during brainstorm sessions to find clarity and structured to-dos. Another day, a personal issue or blockage may become visible and we’ll work to investigate this. The subject you bring in is always key.


evaluate & create

We regularly evaluate where you stand in relation to your question. What opportunities or challenges are there? What steps could you take to proceed? What do these ask of you? Who/what can help you going further? What tools do you need?

In this way, we help you take real steps in making the change(s) you want.





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Hilde den Bieman