growlab the story and mission. meet hilde den bieman, founder and coach.

THe story


In 2017, design expert & coach Hilde den Bieman founded Growlab.

Based on her personal inner urge, she creates space for creatives to grow in a way that suits them.


 Hilde inspires and guides creatives in their development as people, professionals and entrepreneurs. 

In addition, she is a mentor for young makers.

She does this with great passion and from a broad expertise, using an authentic and holistic approach

 Intuition, creativity, peace and attention are typical.


Central to the coaching are a connection to the core and an investigative process,

inspired by The Transformational Presence philosophy of Alan Seale and Design Thinking.



the mission of growlab

meet hilde

Hilde den Bieman.

Oprichter van Growlab.

growth inspirator | coach | trainer | design expert


Who am I?

I am an emphatic, positive-minded, curious person, looking at the world with an ever-open mind. Besides working as a coach, I am also a designer in heart and soul. I think in terms of possibilities instead of problems, am familiar with all parts of the creative process and I am always looking for ways to add value to the world.


With Growlab I combine thirty years of experience as a design consultant for family businesses and multinationals with my inner urge to create movement. I am most in my element when I can connect and inspire. I love creating space for transformation and growth, whether it's on a personal or business level. This is not only what I do as a design consultant and coach, but also who I am as a human being.


A few years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. One question filled my days: What's next?  What’s my purpose in life? It was time to build on my passion for coaching creatives – whether on a professional or personal level. The past few years have been dominated by the professionalization of my coaching skills and my own personal growth. This has allowed me to reconnect with who I am and what I stand for. I have overcome my uncertainties and been able to let go of convictions blocking my development.nI have strengthened my personal leadership and developed further, spiritually. I have gone through a beautiful transformation.

Now it is time to inspire others to step into their power.


I prefer to be in nature.

To recharge, to admire, to explore, to experience or... to just be.


Most brilliant insights arise from stillness. 





Hilde den Bieman, growth inspirator, coach, trainer, design expert

my Coaching Style

My design background forms an important basis of my curious and creative coaching style. Observing, exploring, discovering, experimenting, evaluating. Intuitive and interactive. They are all part of the design process. The work of Alan Seale - Transformational Presence - fits in well with this method and has also become part of me. The Transformational Presence is a powerful, open method, in which the answers gradually emerge from one's own intuition and examination. This, together with various other courses and my own growth, has become the basis for my approach.

My coaching sessions are never heavy, but do go in depth, regardless of the subject. With a hands-on approach and a sense of realism, I make sure that you always have both feet on the ground within a coaching process. I like to seek cooperation with other experts when I feel this is necessary. The most important thing is that I look at what your situation needs with an open mind and an open heart.





 "By stepping into my full potential , I can help others to do the same."



Hilde den Bieman

Training & skills

                                                      - Personal Coach (certified )
Transformational Presence coaching 
Theory U /coaching (training)
Business Model You (certified)
Creative Thinking trainer (certified)
Werken met en in groepen 
Over Luisteren gesproken (Phoenix)
Mindfulness trainingen (SeeTrue)
Design & design thinking expertise
Trend researcher & visualiser
- Color and material strategist              - Docent (Design Academy, Fontys)
Managerial skills
Entrepreneur (30jr +)

my background

Thirty years ago, I graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy in Eindhoven specialized in textiles, colour, materials and trends. My entrepreneurial spirit, passion for people and an open, curious attitude have given me a wonderful broad experience. I use it within my own company creative solutions, later csconcepts.


I have moved internationally in the world of interior textiles, consumer goods and automotive materials (in Australia). I developed new (consumer) brands for textile brands, designed woven textiles, developed colour strategies and material strategies, researched and translated consumers and aesthetic trends, facilitated co-creative sessions, inspired companies and teams, developed managerial skills, learned what entrepreneurship is and much more! In addition, I shared all that experience with young designers and students as a teacher and coordinator at the Design Academy Eindhoven for several years.


I believe in lifelong learning and working on my personal, professional and creative development. Now, it's time to translate that experience into people and their dreams.



non profit

In January 2019 I held my first major non-profit coaching project – in Costa Rica. Together with UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) I worked with 12 local artisans on their personal, creative and business empowerment. It was a wonderful week. I was able to inspire and coach these local artisans in getting to the next step in their creative development and their business. During the sessions, we mainly worked on the powerful connection with everyone's unique talent and creative DNA. This allows the participants to develop an even better collection and create better sales.

This project in Costa Rica was a great way for me to add value to the world through design and coaching.

In November 2020 I will go back to Costa Rica for a follow-up project of 2 weeks.

I am looking forward to it!


curious how you can grow?

curious how you can grow?


"Do you want to grow as a person, designer or entrepreneur, coached in a vigorous, stimulating way?

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I can’t wait to meet you!”