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empower your business


Want to start up your business in a powerful way?

Would you like to make your organization successful and flourishing?

 Develop authentic leadership?

Or just regularly meet for a coffee to discuss your company’s path?

Your business growth

There’s three things Growlab loves helping creative entrepreneurs and organizations with: Starting up their business, innovating and growing from an authentic core. These 3 trajectories - design, grow or empower your business - each have their own focus area.


During the coaching sessions, we actively work together. We discover, experiment, analyse, co-create and evaluate.

What do you stand for and how does that come out in your company? What would it take for you to grow? Where do we find potential next steps and which challenges do you have to face first? What does that require of you as an entrepreneur?

From a newly formed perspective, you will get fresh insights that will change your path as a maker and entrepreneur. Make a connection with the challenges that unfold  – and go from there.


Take a look at the coaching sessions Growlab offers below.

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Discover &  create

create your dream and design your business

create your dream

Especially for creatives just starting out, Growlab offers the Design Your Business

sessions. During this program, you will be guided into translating your dream and vision into a strategy and plan of action.

This process starts with coaching sessions in which you lay the foundation for your unique business DNA, based on your passion and values. You will also get a clear picture of who you are as an entrepreneur. Why do you do what you do? We set out on a journey of discovery.

With the help of the Business Model You model, you will investigate how you add value to the world. What are the right products or services communicating that . Which customers are linked to your product? We look at what is needed to reach your goals, what this requires of you and who can support you in this.

At the end of the programme, you will have a clear overview of your company, including business opportunities and associated challenges. On one simple A4-page.

Additional coaching sessions will support you in realizing your plan. Where necessary, we work together with other specialists in the field of business development and communication.


strategy & support

get support to grow your business

growth strategy

Growlab supports the growth of freelancers and small businesses. Together, we’ll look for new business opportunities and the development of your brand, based on your unique personality and abilities. We examine which areas need attention and discuss the challenges associated with your growth. A Growth Strategy then ensures that you can take specific steps and grow in an authentic way.



growth support

Even entrepreneurs who have been in the field for some time occasionally need reflection. Growlab guides you through this with recurring coaching sessions, in which we focus on the creative growth of your business. We look at your company and entrepreneurship with an active point of view and from a new perspective. Then, we discuss the choices that can be made in the process. All to help you move forward.


 Of course, it’s always possible to book a separate session to brainstorm together about the development of your company.



empower yourself, your team and your business

empower yourself

Your business is also about you. Who are you as a human being? What kind of energy do you bring to the table? What do you stand for? What are your talents - and possible pitfalls? In this coaching programme, you connect with your 'own' core as a human being. Next, you’ll experience how you can safely use this core within your company or organisation. This leads to entrepreneurship that allows you to communicate and do business based on authentic leadership. Develop yourself as a professional and as a person, push your boundaries and look for new perspectives.


This coaching programme is based on monthly and/or regular sessions. They are also meant for entrepreneurs who encounter personal obstacles within their business.



empower your team

Growlab provides a great option for creative teams looking for focus, interconnection and new insights. Within an open(minded) and safe space, we will work together with a good dose of fun, active research and creativity.





“Als je naar je business issues kunt kijken, zoals je naar creatieve vraagstukken kijkt,

krijg je verrassende inzichten en ontstaan er creatieve oplossingen."


Hilde den Bieman


Business coaching programs are always tailor-made to your needs. During an informal intake, we will explore the questions you have, what type of expertise is required and whether we can possible work together with other professionals in discussing your next steps.


Do you want to take a step forward with your company? Or does your team really need a recharge of energy? Do you want to grow as an entrepreneur, but prefer to go back to the core of who you are first? It’s all possible at Growlab.


Don't hesitate to make an appointment for a chat and more details.

I can’t wait to listen to your story.