always room to grow follow a workshops or training

always room to grow


Do you want to learn how to make decisions in a new way?

Find balance and clarity in your life?

 Want to be supported by a group on your journey?

 Would you like to link your personal dreams to a realistic agenda?

Or are you looking for new concepts for that one project?

Workshops & trainingen

Growlab regularly organizes inspiring workshops & trainings that support you in your personal, professional and business growth.  

You will work with a mix of experiential coaching and design tools. Together with a group of like-minded people you will build on your development. Within the sessions, there is always room for experimentation - and individual growth.


The training courses can also be tailor-made (to the needs of your group) and given in-company.

workshops & trainingen 2019/ 2020

design your life

your life in flow

Need to take a revived look at your life? Want to steer that ship with clear intentions and be at the helm of your life?


Within Your Life in Flow we work on your personal leadership, a pleasant work-life balance and the organization of a life running smoothly in general.

Who are you, what do you stand for and how does this shape your day-to-day? What story do you tell? Come and discover yourself in this active, experiential workshop.


expected:Spring 2020



whats the next step in your business or career

what's your next step

Looking for a next step in your career? Have you just graduated as a designer?


In What's next, you will actively examine your talents and motivations. This will give you an insight into how to make the very best use of them. We also focus on how we translate this commitment into realistic - and matching - career steps. 



expected: January 2020


develop authentic skills to support your business

develop your business skills

Useful, a practical tool-set that allows your company to function better. Right?


This is the focus of Develop your Skills, where we use a series of training's and workshops to compose your tool-set. Think of acquisition, presenting yourself, communication with customers, time management and organization. We craft this tool-set in a way that suits you.

Together we grow and take a step forward into professionalizing your business.



expected:Spring 2020


innovation & inspiration

Especially for teams, Growlab facilitates inspiring brainstorms and co-creation sessions that provide insights and tools to take the next step in the design process.

Together with experts, I also organize trend sessions and lectures that help to clarify where you stand today but want to go tomorrow.

Prepare for the future of your brand and organisation.


want to grow?

Wanna workshop in a small group? Feel free to contact me to book a workshop or training.